What we do.

We provide a complete range of digital marketing services to businesses in the Philadelphia Area. We are more than an SEO Agency. We offer a complete line of services to grow your business online.


We customize SEO strategies for your specific needs and brand, ensuring the visibility and exposure your company deserves. We know you do great work, it’s time to make sure everyone else does as well.


Our team of Social Media experts utilize various social media platforms in a way that is effective and specific for obtaining maximum, customized results for you and your business. We are here to help you build your success and your brand online.


Your name is absolutely everything when it comes to your company’s credibility. We offer services that ensure the most positive, accurate representation to build and protect your brand in Philadelphia and beyond.

Our Story

I Think an Idea’s team is built of experienced digital marketing professionals that never settle for anything less than success. Comprised of only the best SEO Specialists, Account Managers, Social Media Marketers, and Copywriters in Philadelphia, we are committed to our passion for helping our clients reach and exceed their professional goals.

Meet Our Team

I Think An Idea is comprised of dozens of dedicated marketers, writers, and SEO Specialists
Hugh Benjamin
Founder & CEO
Julie Atri
Creative Director
Revti Atri
Special Effects Editor


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  • Feb, 16

    Make LinkedIn Work for Your Biz in 2016

    LinkedIn entered the scene back in 2003 and has since made a big difference in how we network with other professionals. It is the perfect platform for entrepreneurs, experts, brands and owners of small businesses and even corporations. Unfortunately, a lot of businesses and brands fail to use social media the right way, so they […]

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    Feb, 9

    Tips for Hiring an Excellent SEO Agency

    Is it time to give your SEO strategy a reboot? Then you need to focus on hiring an exceptional SEO agency. Your Internet marketing plan is only as great as your SEO strategy, so make sure the services provided by the professionals you hire are reputable. It’s not easy finding reliable SEO companies in Philadelphia, […]

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  • Feb, 2

    3 Steps to Guiding Customers to the Sale

    Yes is a very powerful word. It’s the one thing every sales person wants to hear from a prospect. This isn’t always simple to achieve, but is essential if you want your business to survive. The more customers you can get to say yes, the more your business will thrive, but it’s a lot harder […]

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    Jan, 29

    Quick Guide to Marketing Your Biz on Social Media

    In today’s time, social media integration in a marketing plan is business 101. You can’t thrive in today’s marketplace without a social media presence. The best way to look at social media is like direct marketing on steroids. There’s no other methods you can use to directly connect with users quickly and easily. Telemarketing and […]

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  • Jan, 18

    How to Get More Customer Reviews for Your Local Biz

    Before you decide to purchase a product or service, what’s the first thing you do? If you’re a part of the digital movement, then Google (or another search engine) is the place you go to do some research. What you find will determine whether you purchase the product from that particular company. If you think […]

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    Jan, 13

    Most Overlooked Social Media Opportunities

      Social media is one area that many larger corporations have been sleeping on, but not anymore! In 2016, we expect to see more CMOs giving attention to this digital realm. It’s undeniable that social media isn’t a fad, but something that companies can use for their marketing efforts. Companies in Philadelphia that specialize in […]

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  • Dec, 22

    Brand Reputation: 3 Reasons to Up the Ante

    The expansion of the Internet and everything digital has been astounding. The way we live life and interact with one another has changed drastically in just 20 short years. The changes we’re seeing are calling for an evolution in how marketers and SEO experts do their jobs. Whether it’s social media marketing, online reputation management […]

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    Dec, 15

    3 Secrets to Social Media Engagement

      What do you see when you log into your Facebook and Twitter accounts? Most likely, you’ll find a plethora of posts from friends, family members and colleagues. You may be following a number of brands, but rarely see a post from them. This is disheartening for any Philadelphia company that spends thousands on their […]

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  • Dec, 15

    Social Ads vs Search Engine Ads

    Search engine ads have dominated PPC campaigns for over a decade, and now we’re seeing businesses and marketers convert to social media advertising. This is a smart move for any SEO company in Philadelphia. It is a tactic that SEO services can use for businesses in Philadelphia and any other city across the U.S. Social […]

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    Nov, 30

    Relocate Your Local Biz Without Losing Rankings

    It takes a lot of hard work to get to the first page of Google. Ranking locally is easier, but still requires strategy and consistency. An SEO company can help your Philadelphia business get to the first pages of search engines. But what happens when you decide to relocate your company? What will happen to […]

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